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Frequently Asked Questions

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When can I join? How much does membership cost?

Membership enrollment takes place during the month of July each year. Your membership will be active for 12 months, starting the day of approval.

Membership fees are $35 for the entire membership year and can be paid by cash or check during July enrollment.

When & where does LHE meet?

We do not have a set place or time we meet.  Our meetups vary each month from one time trips, tours to regularly meeting clubs and classes. Typically events occur in Central to Northern Lancaster County.

How do I create an event?

When logged into the secure portion of our website, members can submit events via the "Submit an Event" form. After submission, the LHE Event Coordinator will review the information and place it on our private calendar.


Am I eligible to join LHE?

LHE is open to any home educating or cyber schooling family in the Lancaster, PA area.

We do not require families to sign a statement of faith to secure membership. However, please know that our group is founded on Jesus' example of servanthood, and the majority of LHE families teach from a biblical worldview.


Are there academic classes at LHE?

Yes ... and no. Classes are dependent each year on member planning. There have been year long academic classes​, but we can't know what the future holds for our upcoming year until parents start planning! There are ongoing clubs such as Author's Club, Book Clubs and Adventure Club that occur on a regular schedule and will continue for the 2023/2024 school year.

What are the annual LHE sponsored events?

​In addition to member planned events (at least 1 per week), LHE sponsors several events for our members per year:

  • 4 Moms Only Gatherings

  • Field Day

  • End-of-Year Student Showcase

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