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Thank you for your interest in LHE! Unfortunately, after over 25 years of serving the Lancaster County homeschooling community, LHE will not be returning as an organized co-op for the 2024/2025 school year.

About LHE

Lititz Home Educators (LHE) is a Christian field trip community that is open to any home educating or cyber-schooling family from the Lancaster, PA area. LHE is a unique alternative to a weekly co-op.  It allows you to be connected to other homeschoolers without a weekly time commitment. Many members use it in addition to a typical co-op as it provides enrichment opportunities that they can pick and choose from that interest their family and suit their schedule.

Our dedicated group of families connect by supporting each other on our journeys, fostering friendships among the children and nurturing connections between families by experiencing life and lessons together. Our group is founded on Jesus’ example of servanthood, and every LHE family contributes by hosting an activity such as a field trip, a class, an activity, a mother's gathering or an experience that brings joy to your family and that you would want to share with ours. Ongoing clubs such as our Adventure Club & Book Clubs are also popular and well attended! Many of our activities occur in the northern and eastern areas of Lancaster County, but LHE welcomes families from anywhere. Membership in LHE offers the benefits of asking questions from seasoned homeschooling families, finding resources, buying/selling/borrowing, and discovering opportunities. Please consider gathering with us for encouragement and to strengthen connections. 

Membership Info

Family Going Fishing
Working on Laptop
Guitar Class

How do I join?

Annual registration takes place during July of each year. Please email our LHE New Member Coordinator at to join.

What do I get if I join LHE?

  • Ability to access and post on our secure website forum to connect with like-minded families

  • Gain access to our private family directory

  • Ability to access, organize and sign up for our private, group events

  • Attend our annual LHE sponsored events: 4 moms only meetups per year, Field Day, and our End-of-Year Student Showcase

What are the membership requirements?

1. Every LHE family is required to contribute to the group by hosting an activity such as a field trip, a class, an activity, a mothers gathering, or any experience that brings joy to your family and you would want to share with ours.​

2. The membership fee is $35 per family - for the entire school year!

Still Have Questions?

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